Digital Signage: One subject, endless possibilities

Welcome to the era of the digital point of sale

The modern point of sale is digital. It plays with interactive content and multimedia. It provides entertainment and information at the same time. It is intelligent and interconnected. And it offers exactly what your clients are looking for.

Digital displays are the new advertising posters. They attract attention. Look, marvel, touch, empathize: The POS 4.0 takes the shopping experience to a whole new level. Digital signage knows many refinements – from digital product advisors to Decide With Light to interactive shop windows – and sets no limits to creativity. PACT provides you with all you need for your interactive POS.


PACT: Full-service provider & POS pioneer

PACT is Europe’s first address when it comes to the point of sale and one of the few providers who cover all project stages in-house. The journey begins with the design and production of POS furniture, continues with the selection and implementation of hardware, moves on to software configuration, perhaps includes content creation, and finally brings us to the assembling and installation of the digital signage solution at your site. And afterwards? Afterwards, PACT delivers exciting statistics on customer behavior, provides advice and support, and continues working with you to optimize your interactive POS.

„You can implement digital signage on any budget. The technology is straightforward, easy to maintain and will revolutionize your point of sale. Your interactive POS is just a conversation away – let’s talk!“ Florian Danner, CEO.


About PACT – success stories & visions

PACT is the first address when it comes to digital signage and the interactive point of sale. Based in Innsbruck, Austria, known all over the world – we have big plans and take great pleasure in setting new standards.

For 15 years, PACT has been developing and producing shop furniture and displays.

For 12 years, PACT has been using LED technology at the POS.

For 6 years, PACT has been programming intelligent control systems.

For 3 years, PACT has been applying digital signage solutions.

In 2018, PACT installed an AI application at a POS for the first time.

In 2019, the sales POS is increasingly developing into a communication POS.

In 2020, PACT installed IoT facades in Europe, the US, Asia and Australia.

In 2025, every POS will be interactive.


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