Let there be a light at the point of sale

Do you have a wide range of products and the differences between them are not obvious at first glance? Then Decide with Light is the perfect solution for your store. The technology combines digital product advisors with visual signals. And this is how it works: Your customer enters the store, heads for a specific product group and is welcomed by a touch-enabled screen. All products that are presented attractively on the DS furniture are also listed on the display. Here customers get detailed product information. To ease the choice, the interactive product advisor asks questions: Do you prefer a product for women or men, which product category, price range, brand preferences, style … The customer answers and accordingly the lights on the POS furniture go out. Little by little, the selection is narrowed down until finally only one product is highlighted: The perfect choice!

With the help of visual signals, the purchase decision becomes an illuminating experience and your POS a highlight. The range of applications for the Decide with Light technology is huge – from spices in a supermarket to running shoes in a sports store to luxury watches in a jewelry store. PACT has many ideas and supplies everything you need to implement the Decide with Light technology at your POS: Custom-made furniture, durable hardware, CMS for displaying multimedia content and measuring customer interactions, pre-installed content and, of course, the product finder software configured for you.

Decide-with-Light …

  • … is one of the latest digital signage technologies.
  • … is named after its purpose: guiding customers to a decision with the help of visual signs and the product finder.
  • … works perfectly where a large range of similar products are offered.
  • … facilitates the purchase decision and thus leads to an increase in sales.
  • … offers attractive and spectacular opportunities for your product presentation.
  • … works with software that measures and analyzes customer interactions.
  • … can be combined with digital signage technology to display multimedia content.

Decide with Light is just the right thing for you? – Perfect! Let’s talk about your individual concept!