The interactive Point of Sale

Every visit to the shop is an adventure

Turning shopping into a great experience – that is probably the most important purpose of the interactive point of sale. Where infotainment has top priority, customers feel at ease: They are entertained, informed and accompanied while making their purchase decision. Intelligent DS furniture welcomes us, allows us to get to know products in a playful way and offers interactive communication options. It is target-group-specific and contemporary. Be it Lift & Learn technology, an interactive product scanner or a Decide with Light product wall: Where there is interaction, buying incentives are set. Sometimes, all it takes is a touch-enabled screen with a digital product advisor and the shopping experience is perfect.

The decisive point here is: Modern technologies are not intended to replace sales staff, but to support them. They give security in consulting, always provide the latest information, and display multimedia content such as product videos. Thus, the interactive POS is a win for everyone involved, be it customers, sales staff, retailers or also manufacturers. Of particular interest to store operators and sales staff is the fact that the software records all customer interactions, making customer behavior measurable. Finally, sales data can be explained and improved remarkably.

The interactive POS …

  • … stands for a modern shopping experience.
  • … allows you to display multimedia content that is spiced up with interactive customer communication.
  • … provides detailed statistics on customers’ behavior at the POS and at individual screens.
  • … integrates intelligent sensor technology and AI applications.
  • … guarantees full functionality of the hardware in online and offline mode.
  • … is easy to use thanks to the browser-based CMS.
  • … is protected against screen and content manipulation as you can assign user rights as desired.

Hardware, software, content and service are perfectly coordinated. Let’s work together to make your POS interactive!