Smart shelves

Sensor technology + digital signage + light + sound + motion = sales success

The most impressive point first: Smart shelves can increase your sales by up to 300%. How do they do that? With intelligent technology, where screens, lighting, sound and motion interact with each other. Let us give you an example:

A person, be it a 20-something athletic woman, enters the supermarket and approaches the smart shelf. As soon as she comes close, sensors on the ceiling perceive the motion and analyze the person’s gender and age with an accuracy of +/- 5 years. In a split second, the shelf highlights the products that are ideal for the respective target group or have the highest likelihood of purchase. The highlighting is done by lighting or motion (e.g. rotating sales platforms to present selected products). At the same time, target group-specific content is displayed on the screens. In addition, it is possible to play acoustic product information and advertising messages – of course, they are also tailored to our young lady. This is realized by so-called sound showers, i.e. loudspeakers that are centered on an area and can be heard only directly in front of the shelf.

Of course, there are also exciting options in terms of tracking: Sensor technology allows us to measure all interactions and record them statistically. Did our customers touch or take any products, what did they look at, how long did they stay in front of the shelf … In recording these details, the intelligent shelf is constantly learning. This opens interesting options both for supermarket and store operators, who can rent out spaces on the smart shelf monthly, as well as for manufacturers or brands, which pay an additional advertising fee and can significantly increase their sales.

Smart shelves …

  • … work with images and videos (digital signage), sound (e.g. sound showers), lighting, sensors and eye tracking.
  • … recognize gender and age of the person standing in front of the shelf.
  • … enable you to display content tailored to the target group.
  • … highlight products that are most likely to be bought.
  • … measure and record all customer interactions.
  • … offer interesting opportunities for supermarket and store operators, but also for manufacturers, as shelf space can be rented out (e.g. on a monthly basis).

Are you ready to dive into the exciting world of smart retail shelves? Let’s start the future together!