Digital signage solutions for your point of sale

Modern technology, thrilling content & a little bit of magic

Good infotainment is not annoying but enriches and enlivens your point of sale. That is the secret of our success. We use digital signage where it makes sense – and that is just about everywhere. Customers seek tailored information, love to be entertained and appreciate being the center of attention. Digital signage offers every opportunity to fulfill these purposes.


Interactive POS

The sales POS turns into a communication POS: More information, better entertainment, easier purchase decisions. The interactive POS is never boring.


Digital product advisor/product configurator

Have a look first, then get information on the screen, compare products and find your favorite. Afterwards, a salesperson comes in, answers final questions and completes the sale.



It is illuminated, it is modern, it is cool. Decide with Light turns the search for the perfect product into an experience and facilitates the purchase decision.


Interactive shop window/out-of-store technology

The shop window of the future is interactive. It attracts attention, fascinates, and invites many customers to enter the shop – either at the POS or online, in case the store is closed.



Our USPs – your advantages

Full-service provider: DS furniture, hardware, software and content provided by PACT

All-in: Use of all CMS functions without limits in terms of time, content or data thanks to the monthly all-in flat rate

Customer-friendliness: Simple, reasonable pricing model and excellent price-performance ratio

Software: No special software or programming skills required

Analysis: Detailed statistics on content usage for each location or screen

Technology:Integration of sensor technology and novel AI applications

Service: Consulting and support in all fields – from content creation to maintenance

Hardware: No commitment to specific manufacturers and plenty of choice

Security: Screens and content cannot be manipulated

Monitoring: Intelligent electronic article surveillance through modern in-store technology