Antibacterial touchscreen cleaner

The antibacterial touchscreen cleaner is a prize-winning special product, which is suitable for all kinds of screens. This includes not only touchscreens, but also tablets and smartphones. The special cleaner kills 99% of all viruses and bacteria on surfaces and reliably removes dirt and grease. Nevertheless, it is environmentally friendly: The water-based spray consists of ingredients used in commercially available hygiene and cosmetic products and is supplied in vials made of recyclable PETG material.

Spray a bit of the cleaner onto the screen and wipe it with the included microfiber cloth – two to three times a day or whenever you need it.

This antibacterial touch screen cleaner is suitable for all screens and touch screens (including tablets and smartphones).

Product data:

  • Product number: PDT 2001
  • Content: special cleaning liquid without alcohol, ammonia, phosphates and allergenic fragrances
  • Filling quantity: 100 ml
  • Application: 2 to 3 times a day