In-store & out-of-store Technology

All-in-one: digital signage, interaction, light, sound & security

With progressive in-store technology, your POS is no longer just a shop. It is an adventure. A place where you can find what you are looking for: Be it detailed information, a personal recommendation or a great shopping experience. Many stores have already been using in-store technology, but often those are isolated solutions. In other words: Lighting and sound control, digital signage, monitoring, and article surveillance often used to work separately. In the modern store, all these components merge into a sophisticated digital signage system. How does this look in the field?

A customer enters the store. This first interaction is measured via the people counter – in a completely anonymous manner, of course. After entering, the person is browsing around, moving through the store and finally heading for a specific product area. The sensors integrated in the DS furniture detect the customer and react. Sound, light effects and videos are coordinated and displayed. In short: Something happens. The interactive point of sale interacts with the customer, it is entertaining and informative. At the same time, all customer interactions are measured, and data are collected in the background. They provide information about customer frequency, customer behavior at the POS and clients’ interests. Thus, these data help to optimize the POS and the individual shopping experience. The result: Satisfied customers, increased sales, relaxed selling.

“Let’s ring in a new era at the point of sale – with state-of-the-art in-store technology that pleases you and your customers alike.” Florian Danner, CEO

In-store technology …

  • … combines digital signage with light, sound, sensors and surveillance.
  • … enables modern article surveillance and the integration of intelligent sensor technology.
  • … measures and analyzes all customer interactions at the POS.
  • … helps to guide customers.
  • … allows an exceptional shopping experience.
  • … supports sales staff by providing detailed information.