The Videowall for thrilling digital signage on a large scale

Kombinieren Sie mehrere Displays zu einer Videowand

Our bezelless high-resolution Smart Videowall is ideal for live entertainment and presentation, as well as digital signage in a variety of locations.

The Smart Videowall consists of multiple displays, which are combined to create one large picture area. These professional displays were specifically designed for videowalls and are equipped with extremely narrow bezels to achieve the most seamless transition between each display of the videowall. Like in all of our products, long-term ease of maintenance has highest priority.

Robust, frameless design

With an extremely narrow bezel, high brightness, durable design, excellent image quality and a wide viewing angle (IPS panel with direct LED background lighting), the Smart Videowall is a unique signage solution. Thanks to their consistent color reproduction and colorimetry and reduced frame design, these displays are a premium choice for large videowalls and control centers. Despite their high brightness, which ensures crystal-clear, sharp images, the Smart Videowall has exceptionally low power consumption.

Our Smart Videowall is a perfect display solution for exhibitions, showrooms, sports events, control centers, airports, train stations and other locations that require large screen areas. Videowalls with high pixel density are preferred when the visual presentation of information and content is primarily about high brightness and wide viewing angles. They are suitable for various industries and are often installed in control centers, sports stadiums and large public venues. Thanks to the high pixel density, the benefits of our Smart Videowall also become apparent in smaller applications requiring optimal visibility both up close and from a distance.

Highly reliable frameless videowall displays

Displays with an excellent price-performance ratio for professional users who need a 4K videowall solution.

  • Combine multiple displays to build one image wall
  • 4K-capable
  • Easy implementation
  • High reliability

Combine multiple displays for one videowall

The extra-small bezel of just 3.5 mm is barely noticeable from the distance, creating the impression of a seamless videowall.


With native 4K-capable DisplayPort inputs and outputs, the screens enable you to show 4K images in 2×2 configurations and larger arrays.

Ultra HD resolution on large surfaces

The displays allow you to scale ultra high-definition videos (3,840 x 2,160/30p) to large videowalls.

Impressive image quality

Anti-glare coating and IPS panel ensure vivid colors and clear images from any viewing angle. The local dimming technology optimally adjusts the image contrast for darker black tones and brighter highlights.

Suitable for non-stop operation

Reliable and economical even when continuously running, these displays are perfect for critical tasks such as surveillance in control centers or signage in airports. Mounting displays in portrait mode does not affect their longevity, so they can be used in any type of installation.

Stable brightness

Our fast and precise videowall mounting system reduces installation time by 50%. To make the system setup even easier, the displays are professionally pre-calibrated so that there is virtually no color variation in multi-display installations. The displays can be mounted in portrait or landscape format for more flexible installation options.

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