10 FAQs & more

Everything you need to know about digital signage

Digital signage uses digital technologies to make product presentation at the point of sale more exciting and informative. The topic is extremely broad and sometimes a bit technical – therefore, it may seem confusing at first glance. But DS is neither complicated nor expensive. With the following ten FAQs, we would like to answer the most frequently asked customer questions and thereby “break the ice”.

By the way, you can find more background information and exciting stories about our life at the point of sale in our blog. If you have any further questions, please let us know – we will be happy to answer them personally!

How long does it take to realize a project?

Every project is individual and so is the duration for implementing. A quick guideline: The development of an interactive POS including furniture design, furniture production and programming of the sensors takes about six months. For the subsequent assembling, you can calculate with three POS per day.

Who does the assembling?

PACT has its own assembling teams that work all over Germany, Austria and Switzerland. These teams have many years of experience and handle both the installation process and various IT challenges (e.g. LAN network integration) perfectly.

Who chooses the hardware?

You, if you want! Regarding hardware, we are completely flexible and independent. Depending on the specific project and the task, we use hardware from different manufacturers – but, of course, we always have best quality and your interest in mind. If you have an exclusive partner for hardware, this is no problem for us.

Can digital signage also be used outdoors?

Yes! We design and manufacture housings made for outdoor applications. For outdoor solutions, we use hardware that is suitable for any weather – be it heat in summer or snowfall in winter. The brightness of the screens and other settings are also adapted to outdoor use.

What functions does the DS software include?

The web-based content management system fulfills two major functions: First, data management and second, recording customer interactions with screens and your POS. Even large amounts of data can be evaluated. Special software and programming skills are not required.

Which customer interactions does the interactive POS measure?

The CMS allows the measurement of any customer interactions at the POS and thus provides valuable insights into customer behavior: How many people visited your POS today and how long did they stay on average? How many people interacted with the touch screens? Which content was called up how often and for how long? Which products were touched and how often? Data can be analyzed in individual formats, e.g. to be compatible with Excel or SAP.

Is the interactive POS compliant with data protection?

Data protection has highest priority with all our digital signage functions. Customer interactions are measured completely anonymously. For example, we use sound sensors to detect whether a person is standing in front of a screen. Recording the characteristics of this person – whether he or she is male, female, young or old – is not decisive for the commercial success of the POS.

Can digital signage increase sales?

Satisfied customers, infotainment, a modern POS … all great, but we know: In the end, it is the sales figures that count. Thanks to years of experience, we have very detailed market data, and we know how to use them to the advantage of our customers. One example: Our largest POS customer managed to increase its sales by 70% year-on-year. This is not an exception, but the benchmark.

Will there be a test run?

One reason for the success of our digital signage solutions is the meticulous planning during all project stages. Therefore, a test run in the field prior to the series rollout is an absolute must for us. Despite years of experience and professional know-how, we cannot predict for sure how customers will think and act. A test run provides accurate data, which allows us to make adjustments and optimize your interactive POS.

Is there a contract duration?

No! We do not bind our customers by contracts, but through performance. Therefore, there is no fixed contract duration. If you are not satisfied with your purchased CMS despite all optimization attempts, we will certainly allow you to end the contract.

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