Interactive promotion machine

The revolution of product promotion – The Digital Promoter

In collaboration with iMi salesmarketing, one of the leading POS and trade marketing agencies, we are revolutionising the world of product promotion. Our vision: A digital, fully automatic, real-time monitored distribution of product samples, 24/7 and covid compliant.

The “Interactive Promotion Machine” is the fully automatic machine that dispenses samples around the clock and directly collects customer feedback, offering everything that a promoter brings – just better and more digital. The dispensing takes place 24 hours a day without a break, and only one sample is dispensed per customer. It is tamper-proof, cost-effective and updates the advertising message in real time are just a few of the many advantages. Feedback can be collected immediately after the distribution, which means that direct success can be derived.

The positioning of the machine in the market can be versatile. The most common and successful locations are in the checkout area, entrances and exits, in pop-ups or trade fairs, as well as on the head gondola or directly on the shelf. The area of application is also variable, so that food samples such as sweets, spices or drinks are just as conceivable as cosmetics of the most varied sizes and shapes. Packaging with dimensions of up to:

  • 10 cm long
  • 4 cm wide
  • 2.5 cm in height

in any material such as plastic or foil paper are compatible. The possibility of temperature and fill level monitoring results in a perfect servicing and refilling process.

The machine has a filling volume of 500 samples, which can be divided into 10 product registers. This gives the option to offer different versions and to collect feedback on the best ones.

Interactive promotion machine …

  • … works 24/7
  • … is fully automated
  • … is covid-compliant
  • … is tamper-proof
  • … offers the possibility to update advertising messages in real time
  • … up to 10 different product registers
  • … holds up to 500 samples in total
  • … perfect servicing through temperature and level monitoring

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