Outdoor e-paper signboard

Papercast – information solution

An e-paper signboard technology for digital bus stops, displaying information for passengers anywhere.

A revolutionary digital information solution for bus stops that uses solar-powered wireless e-paper signboards. Together we work on optimizing customer experience and the general usability of public transport by always keeping your passengers perfectly informed. The cloud-based CMS is included for three years, but also available for shorter or longer periods of time, if requested.

Open frame e-paper displays

The resilient open frame e-paper displays with IP65 protection rating are WLAN- and solar-capable by default. They were designed to allow greatest flexibility so that you can smoothly implement them on any existing outdoor mounting devices.

6 Papercast facts worth knowing

Given the increasing number of Papercast displays in use around the world, we would like to tell you why Papercast is the leading provider of e-paper bus stop signage and why we have been relying on Papercast in many projects:

Outdoor displays

E-paper is the best available technology for outdoor displays. Even in direct sunlight, Papercast displays are exceptionally clear, and thanks to built-in lighting, they are crystal clear also at night.


E-paper is known for its exceptionally low power consumption. With developing its own E-Paper Driver Boards, Papercast has gone even one step further. Papercast is taking energy efficiency to a whole new level as Papercast displays are 100% solar-powered.


The E-Paper Driver Boards developed by Papercast also include additional features such as displaying local content, dynamic screen refresh, built-in memory, optimized data transfer, display monitoring and management and much more.


You can choose a display configuration that can be integrated into your own street furniture or select one of our standalone options. In either case, the displays are fully protected by rugged IP65 housings designed for quick installation.


Last but not least, we would like to introduce the Papercast cloud-based content management system. As it easily integrates into open data standards, it has the most advanced features available on the market. You can control all aspects of any ad, including content.


Papercast offers more than you would expect. Since its launch in 2016, Papercast has improved and evolved the technology. It is way ahead of any other solution on the market, and we are working hard to keep it that way.

Further product and price information: anfrage@pact-group.com