Digital product advisor & product configurator

Digital sales promotion at the POS

Imagine you enter a store. You look around, the choice is huge. The sales staff is busy, but you want to check out the options by yourself, anyway. Here, the screen comes in handy. You can see the entire product range at one glance. With the help of filters, you can narrow down the selection. A handful of individually selected products are presented with all relevant details. The advantages are clearly highlighted, comparing your favorite goods is easy. Sometimes, you even find a short video showing the product features and functions. The device even tells you about accessories recommended for your product. If that is not a powerful incentive to buy. Using the product configurator, you can fine-tune various details and create exactly the product of your choice. Finally, and exactly at the right moment, a salesperson joins you, answers any potential questions, and closes the sale. You leave the store happily.

What customers do not notice: Modern sensor technology recognizes where they go and how they move through the store. Optimized software ensures that they get exactly the information they need. Guided selling leads them through their shopping experience, and technologies such as Lift & Learn and the product configurator collect valuable data on customer behavior. In the background, the software records all interactions and makes sales success measurable, at least to some extent. All in all, digital product advisors and configurators provide competent advice, allow contemporary product presentation and guarantee an exciting shopping experience at the stationary POS.

Digital product advisor …

  • … show detailed product information and allow comparisons.
  • … simplify consulting and support sales staff.
  • … enable eye-catching product presentations.
  • … give purchasing incentives.
  • … offer the possibility of cross-selling (accessories) and upselling (recommended products).
  • … can be combined with individual store and furniture concepts.
  • … make customer interactions measurable.

PACT delivers everything you need for your digital product advisor: Furniture, hardware, CMS, content and the product finder software. We’ll be happy to tell you more!