The interactive shop window & out-of-store technology

When passers-by become customers

It is a situation we all have experienced many times: We walk down the street, take a look at the shop window as we pass by and want to keep walking – but wait, something is happening here! The shop window is responding to me. It recognizes that I am standing in front of it and invites me to interact. Fancy, I can control the screens with gestures, swipe through the assortment or “try on” clothes. Using augmented reality in shop windows opens up completely new possibilities, fascinating customers from the very first second. And when I come back the next day, the interactive shop window recognizes me and knows what I might like.

Is this a little bit too much for you? No problem, out-of-store technology also works in a more discreet manner. For example, you can adapt your displays to the current weather, backlight visuals or greet passers-by with creative slogans. Using outdoor screens offers exciting options, too. You can invite passers-by to visit the store, view a website and take and share a photo. You can also offer them promotional codes for your online shop. Out-of-store technology is exciting and entertaining, informative and arousing interest at the same time. Clients are happy to pass by because interaction is simply fascinating.

The interactive shop window …

  • … attracts attention and is fascinating.
  • … combines digital display advertising with interactive infotainment.
  • … promotes products by allowing customers to get to know them in a playful manner.
  • … uses gesture and voice recognition and adapts individually to the customer.
  • … revolutionizes advertising with augmented reality marketing and facial recognition.
  • … brings more customers into your store.
  • … enables shopping and taking advice even outside the opening hours.

Learn to use your shop window! We would be happy to inform you about our out-of-store technology and show you how to use all the tricks at the point of sale.