IoT facades

The game for attention

The Internet of Things (IoT) allows us to play with the interaction between humans and networked systems. IoT facades and IoT elements such as logos are perfect cases of application. They react to certain events – for example, a goal in the soccer league, a national holiday or a certain promotion – and adjust their appearance accordingly. They change their color, flash, flicker, … Why? Because in doing so they generate attention, and attention is the key to sales success. Thereby, your store stands out even when it is located in a busy shopping street.

There are exactly two ways to attract the attention of customers as they pass by: The shop window (for more see visual merchandising, interactive shop window) and the facade or logo outside the store, which we bring to life with IoT technology. The IoT elements are controlled via a central content management system that allows you to make worldwide changes in real time. You can assign rights hierarchically, for instance to individual countries, regions or even stores. This results in great possibilities. Let us take Valentine’s Day as an example: You can let the facades in the US shine pink, bright red in Europe and burgundy in Japan. Since our IoT-enabled systems are online permanently, all applications and individual tools are constantly monitored. If one light pixel somewhere in the world is defective, we know about it immediately and can intervene. You will find more information about this exciting topic in our blog post.

IoT facades and logos …

  • … are attractive because they react to the environment.
  • … generate attention by changing their color, flashing, using animations etc.
  • … allow a wide range of creative possibilities.
  • … can be controlled and monitored in real time via the CMS software, which allows you to assign rights individually.
  • … have already been implemented by PACT on four continents and are still trending.

Are you ready to dive into the exciting world of IoT technology? Let’s realize dreams of the future together!