Indoor stela for shops and malls

IAdea Deutschland - Stele - Aufmerksamkeit für Ihre Produkte

The Smart Design Pylon Stela is a high-quality digital signage advertising stela/pillar and just the right, effective frame for your product presentation. Equipped with two 43″ touch signboards – one on each side – the stela definitely makes an impression. Be it retail, fashion or wayfinding systems – the portrait-format Smart Design Pylon Stela offers diverse application possibilities and is suitable for a wide range of content. The option to use the touch function opens up more freedom in terms of design and makes the Smart Design Pylon Stela the ideal e-commerce solution for your point of sale.

Interaction turns product presentation into an experience. Thus, static, one-dimensional advertising is a thing of the past. The high-quality workmanship ensures a noble appearance. At the same time, the Smart Design Pylon Stela is very resilient and perfectly suited for daily use at the point of sale. With its modular design, the stela adapts to a wide variety of room situations. The content is simply uploaded via the digital signage cloud CMS, which is included for three years.

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